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-In this order you will receive 200+ of Pantanal Roaches (Eublaberus Serranus) nymphs.


FREE Buffalo Beatles with every order UPON REQUEST. Buffalo Beetles are a critical part of keeping your colony clean. They work in harmony with the roaches to keep the colony from molding. Send a request to have them added to your order. If you do not request them they will not be added. Enjoy!

-All my roaches are gut loaded and great for feeders or breeders!


The E. serranus comes from the Pantanal region in South America and is a very wet area. The seem to do well with lower humidity. These breed fast and make a great feeder for anything that eats insects. Especially those that like a challenge. They are quite feisty and very meaty and do not have that nasty defensive smell that the popular orange heads have. These are also very useful for home composting, just add any fruits, veggie or table scraps and watch them disappear. This keeps raw garbage out of the landfills and the frass (poo) is a fertilizer that is ready to go, no need for composting and it can be used on house plants or in the garden. A very versatile insect indeed.

200+ Pantanal Roaches (Eublaberus Serranus)