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 -In this order you will receive a 10% Over Count on 60+ Red Runner (Turkestan Red) Roaches Mixed Adults & Nymphs. Around 10% of the count will be adults, with more females then males.



These roaches and there soft body's are perfect feeders for tarantulas and lizards




Turkestan Red Roach Info

 -   Keep Dry

-    Mideast as hitchhikers with returning military personnel

Maximum Size
 -   One inch

Life Cycle
  -  Nymphs mature at 3 to 5 months. Adults live 6 to12 months
Egg Stats     Egg cases laid every 2 weeks.  The 20 to 30 eggs hatch in 1 to 4 months.

   - Smooth sided container with cover

    -Chicken egg cartons work great
Substrate     None needed

    -Above 70F.  85 better for faster breeding.
Sexing     Males blonde with wings.  Females red and wingless.

    -Sprinters.  Hiders.  Thigmotactic.  Children of the night.

    -Omnivorous -- any non-moldy organic matter

  -  Water gel recommended
Humidity    - Prefers a higher than average humidity
Substrate  -   None needed

60+ Turkestan Red Runner Roaches