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 -In this order you will receive a 10% Over Count on 280+ Red Runner (Turkestan Red) Roaches Mixed Adults & Nymphs. Around 10% of the count will be adults, with more females then males.



FREE Buffalo Beatles with every order UPON REQUEST. Buffalo Beetles are a critical part of keeping your colony clean. They work in harmony with the roaches to keep the colony from molding. Send a request to have them added to your order. If you do not request them they will not be added. Enjoy!


These roaches and there soft body's are perfect feeders for tarantulas and lizards!


-All my roaches are gut loaded!! and great for feeders or breeders!




Turkestan Red Roach Info

 -   Keep Dry

-    Mideast as hitchhikers with returning military personnel

Maximum Size
 -   One inch

Life Cycle
  -  Nymphs mature at 3 to 5 months. Adults live 6 to12 months
Egg Stats     Egg cases laid every 2 weeks.  The 20 to 30 eggs hatch in 1 to 4 months.

   - Smooth sided container with cover

    -Chicken egg cartons work great
Substrate     None needed

    -Above 70F.  85 better for faster breeding.
Sexing     Males blonde with wings.  Females red and wingless.

    -Sprinters.  Hiders.  Thigmotactic.  Children of the night.

    -Omnivorous -- any non-moldy organic matter

  -  Water gel recommended
Humidity    - Prefers a higher than average humidity
Substrate  -   None needed

280+ Turkestan Red Runner Roaches